March 2020

The good news in these difficult times is that we are still open at Bullpits Golf Course. We know how hard it is to keep energetic children cooped up indoors and walks can get very repetitive. Why not ring the changes and bring the family out for some golf. We welcome children aged 10 and over with knowledge of golf etiquette and parental supervision. You are most welcome as a same family household group to play any combination up to 4 players. For the time being we can lend children’s equipment if it is required and they need not wear proper golf shoes. Anything with a tread sole is good news so wellies are fine but trainers aren’t. We do have adult golf clubs for hire – please see our prices listed separately. All equipment is sanitised between uses.

If your children (aged 10 years+) have never played golf before but you would like to help them to learn and give them some coaching, for the next 3 months (until end of June) we are happy for one adult with one child from the same family to make an appointment for up to 3 sessions of half an hour each session only on our practice greens free of charge to get them up and running for some proper golf after that. This offer applies only to children who have not played golf with us in the past and we reserve the right to refuse admission in the event of bad behaviour or abuse of the terms and conditions.

Let’s enjoy the fresh air and open space and keep healthy
Best Wishes to all



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