Bunker Bushcraft visitors to Bullpits

Bunker Bushcraft Survival School

We would like to warmly welcome visitors to Bunker Bushcraft to Bullpits Golf Course. Neil and I are working closely together to make your experience seamless and hassle free. Please park in the marked bays with the Bunker Bushcraft logos. Neil or one of his representatives will meet you and escort you to the wood where your course will be taking place. If you are late or need to make your own way there for any reason you need to follow the footpath from the carpark over to the side gate, turn right and then prceed up the hill to the woods. It is about 100 metres along the road.

Please be aware that Bullpits Golf Course accepts no liability for damage or loss caused to your vehicles or belongings whilst on site. This includes damage that may occur from flying golf balls. When moving around please do be extra vigilant about where the golfers are playing, watch out for golf balls which may be played accidentally beyond the greens and make sure you walk only on the footpath. Your normal household insurance should cover you for these types of incidents but it is your responsibility to check your policy. If in doubt please park elsewhere.

Responsible children over 10 years of age are welcome to play at the course.

Older children are welcome to play unsupervised. If you are dropping your child off for a survival course and you would like to play around of golf whilst you wait for them to finish, please do be in touch. I am happy to open the kitchen in the clubhouse for light snacks and sandwiches if notified in advance.

Please call 01747 840084 if you wish to book.